A Virtual Tour of Iran
Concealed behind the dark and ominous veil of the Islamic regime in Iran is a beautiful and fascinating country. The virtual tour of Iran provides a rare glimpse into the magical landscapes, the rich culture and the unique art of ancient and modern Iran. Through breathtaking digital slides the audience will be exposed to the fascinating cultural dimensions of a country that has continuously been in the world news headlines in recent years. David has presented this lecture at Israel's Ministry for Foreign Affairs.
Inside the Mind of Iran's Leader
An unusual lecture in which former intelligence officer David Nissan assumes the identity of Iran’s leader, Ayatollah Khamenei, and through a realistic, candid and at times provocative presentation of the Iranian perspective on relevant issues, enables a deeper and more accurate understanding of Iran’s behavior in the international arena vis-à-vis Israel and the West.
Revolution and Survival - The Jews in Iran
The fascinating story of one of the earliest, most ancient Jewish communities in the world. Two thousand seven hundred years of continuous presence, resilience and perseverance in maintaining both Jewish and Persian identities. How did the establishment of the State of Israel affect this community, and what happened when the 1979 revolution in Iran put an end to the Golden Age enjoyed by the Jews during the Shah's reign, and forced them to choose between Judaism and Zionism? Why did most leave, and why does the remainder insist on staying?
Behind the Veil - Women in Modern Iran
How did the Islamic revolution affect the day to day lives of Iranian women? Were the effects completely negative? How do Iranian women deal with a very complex reality, and how do they fight for their rights? And what is the main difference between women in Iran and women in other Muslim countries? A fascinating lecture about women in a fascinating country.
Israel, Iran and the Middle East Storm
David Nissan makes full use of his unique combination of academic studies specializing in international relations and Middle-Eastern history, as well as his 23 years of valuable experience as an officer, commander and consultant in Israel's military/security establishment, in order to present a realistic and thought-provoking assessment of Israel’s political and security options against the backdrop of the breathtaking drama being played out in the Middle East today.
Cross-Cultural Communication
What happens when different cultures meet and often collide? Can the differences be bridged in order to achieve effective communication? An enriching, entertaining and very relevant lecture that is suitable for all audiences including the business sector in the age of globalization.
Carnivals in World Cultures
A fascinating and enriching experience about one of the most remarkable phenomena in human society – carnivals. With breathtaking slides and music, we will examine and experience how different world cultures have created for themselves "Islands in the Sea of Routine".
Superstitions in World Cultures
Do you fear the evil eye? Do you knock on wood three times? Do you feel uncomfortable when a black cat crosses your path? Ever wondered what are the origins of beliefs and customs whose objective is to encourage good luck and to ward off bad luck? An enriching and fun lecture about superstitions in world cultures.
Jihad.Com - Coping with Terror in the Digital Age
How did the internet broaden the capabilities of terrorist groups, and how are Muslim Jihadi extremists using 21st century technology in order to realize 7th century visions? What challenges does thisA lecture that provides unique insight into how the security battlefield has been transformed in the digital age, as well as what can and is being done by organizations and governments around the world to counter the threat of terrorism.