David Nissan

Welcome to my lectures site!
A few words about myself .......

I was born in Iran and studied at the International school there. Upon graduation from high school, I came to Israel, to the Hebrew University of Jerusalem where I received my B.A. in Middle-Eastern Studies, and my M.A. in International Relations. I then joined the IDF, and after 16 years of fascinating, challenging and exhilarating service as an officer and commander, I began to study other subjects that always interested me. I completed a Master's degree in Business Administration, as well as certification studies for leading tours abroad.

For five years, I was the editor and site administrator of Knesset Update, an English-language weekly magazine on the internet, which reported on parliamentary/political events in Israel. I was employed for seven years by the Israeli Ministry of Defense as a part-time consultant, and worked for four years as a senior researcher in Terrogence, Israel's leading company for the collection and analysis of security related intelligence from the internet. 

I am completely fluent in English, and have given lectures in leading companies and financial institutions in the private sector, universities, and government ministries including the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Prime Minister's Office. I have been interviewed on Israeli national radio and television, and have spoken at various events in other countries. I am also on the keynote speakers list of the London Speaker Bureau.